Sunday, July 03, 2005

NEPAL: Understanding Intentions

Those, who see Indian involvement in the Maoist issue can point their finger at the meetings with several political leaders in various locations in India and the supply of arms, ammunition and other logistic support in huge quantity to both the sides - openly to the state battling with terrorism and, perhaps, clandestinely, to the rebels. It seems that whoever runs India has been playing a hide and seek game behind the curtain and trying very hard to destroy Nepal in achieving its national goal. If we look at the past trend, we can see how India had undertaken similar activities when Bangladesh was fighting with her insurgent groups - the Singhabahini or Chukkma tribal group. The irony is that Rajiv Gandhi, the then Indian PM, and General Ershad of Bangladesh had concluded a water sharing agreement of the Ganges River, in which India agreed to halt support to these groups and also any attacks by them from Indian soil. This agreement was concluded at a Commonwealth meeting held in the Caribbean Island of Niuru in the late Eighties.

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