Saturday, July 09, 2005

INDIA: An infinity of sordid political errors!!

If our country is to achieve real harmony, I feel that we, both Muslims and Hindus, must face facts and not hide behind homilies or indulge in fantasy or escapism of hollow hopes. Every Hindu suffers from a Muslim phobia. Every Muslim harbours a feeling of contempt for the Kafir. Both sides must realize that civility is not a sign of weakness or cowardice and that sincerity is subject to valid proof. These unfortunate complexes arising from backlog of centuries can be washed away only through wise statesmanship and not mean political chicanery. Do we have true statesmen in our midst today? We as a fractured nation - may I say a notion of conglomerate elements - cannot derive any comfort from the hackneyed statement that democracy is always two years behind any dictator. Unfortunately in the case of India, our perverted democracy is at least 10 years behind the terrorists. When I brood on the issue of Ayodya, I asked myself whether what happened 3 days ago is not a portent to warn all our countrymen of the fate which might lie at no great distance from us all, upon a scale to which the Ayodya horror could be but a small working model. I ask all politicians in office who are concerned with Hindu-Muslim unity and communal peace to rise to the level of events, and to trifle no more on the edge of the abyss, but to embrace the sacrifices and discipline of mind and body which the cause requires.

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