Thursday, July 07, 2005

BLOGOSPHERE: Other Events in London Today

There have also been reports of an explosion on Houndsditch in the City of London, near Liverpool Street station, with a police officer reporting pulling people out of a bus there.[8] Additional reports indicate that there have been unspecified incidents at Brighton, Luton, and Swindon. These stations have been closed and there has been no official confirmation of the nature of the incidents, if any actually occurred. BBC World reported that the stations had been evacuated due to "security incidents". East Croydon station is also closed.

In Brighton there was a controlled explosion of a suspicious briefcase at approximately 12:55 PM local time in a telephone box outside of Brighton station. The brief case was later found to be harmless, and the station was re-opened.

There have been reports of a controlled explosion at Coventry bus station.

Vodafone have reported that their mobile phone network reached capacity at about 10 AM on the day of the incident, and they were forced to initiate emergency procedures to prioritise emergency calls. Other mobile phone networks have also reported failures. London's Transport system is currently paralysed, significantly because of the complete closure of the underground system and the Zone 1 closure of the bus networks, as well as evacuation of Russell Square. The BBC has speculated that the phone system has been closed by the security services to prevent the possibility of mobile phones being used to trigger bombs. BBC reports mobile networks are running again.