Thursday, July 07, 2005

BLOGOSPHERE: Casualties - London Bomb Attacks

Official sources have stated 21 people have been killed at King's Cross and ambulance sources suggest: nine at Edgware road, seven at Aldgate, two at Russell Square. There are hundreds - possibly more than a thousand - injured. [3] A large portion of these injuries are believed to be minor however, with many people treated primarily on the scene.

CNN, the BBC and ITV News have confirmed 2 fatalities at Aldgate Station. At least 90 casualties have been reported from Aldgate Station alone. All major London hospitals have been placed on alert, and are currently not accepting non-emergency cases. 95 casualties were taken by bus to the Royal London Hospital where they are being treated; 10 are in critical condition. Many others are being treated at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. Individuals who are wounded and walking are being treated at the scene; an eyewitness reported that they were "operating on injured people on the concourse at Liverpool Street station." [4]. Paramedics were sent down into the tube system to search for more casualties. St. John Ambulance was called out to assist the London Ambulance Service [5], and hospitals had to call in off-duty staff.

Virgin Radio is reporting 45 dead. The BBC interviewed a doctor at the site of the bus explosion in Tavistock Square who said that 10 people had died there, though this remains unconfirmed. ITV News reports that it understands 8-10 people were killed at Edgware Road station. A Government spokesman is talking of 20 people dead. [6] and emergency services have told CNN that there are "double digit" fatalities still underground at King's Cross.

Recent reports state that 300 casualties (208 at Royal London Hospital alone [7]) are being treated in hospital and 150 of those are in a serious condition. Many are foreign nationals.

Confirmed current casualties (Police press conference):

Aldgate East Station at least 7 killed

King's Cross Station at least 21 killed

Edgware Road Station at least 5 killed

Bus in Tavistock Square 10 killed (unconfirmed)