Monday, June 13, 2005

INDIA: Messing up with the Naxalites

How is it that naxalites have thrived despite the effort of law enforcing agencies for all these years in over 11 states? What is so unique about them? Experts like Dr Ramana have already written about them. In all analyses on naxalites a few things come out clear: they thrive on existing anomalies of governance, political system and social disparities that are the weaknesses of our democratic system. Another thing that emerges is that qualitatively they are different from the ideological dreamers and founding fathers of Naxalism of the 60s like Charu Mazumdar. The present generation of naxalites are cynical products of a civilization that has adopted coercive persuasion by any means as part of its life style. (This is the same life style that has bred psychological persuaders such as advertorials of well-known newspapers and physical persuaders like gun-toting goons of political-criminals masquerading as policy-makers). So if the society wants to handle this problem successfully, it has to look for solutions within existing environment rather than depending purely on law books of Lord Macaulay’s vintage or selective parliamentary practices of Westminster system.

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