Tuesday, June 07, 2005

INDIA: The Jinnah tangle - It is a tamasha that could turn very dangerous

Now to the question in the beginning, which is, what is this tamasha all about? If you consider the obviously separate but similar stands taken by the Congress and RSS, that Jinnah is not secular, there is an internal consistency about it. The RSS and the Sangha Parivar, including the forerunner of the BJP, the Jana Sangha, have stood for Akhand Bharat. By forcefully advancing the Two-Nation Theory, that Hindus and Muslim are two nations that cannot co-exit, Jinnah won a separate Pakistan, but after the partitioning of the sub-continent. This Partition the RSS does not accept. It may still accept Partition as a reality, who does not but some cranks, but it cannot forgive Jinnah for precipitating it. Never. Thus Advani’s defence of Jinnah is unacceptable.

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