Friday, June 03, 2005

INDIA: Enemy attack

Gohar Ayub’s intentions may be suspect. He could be promoting his forthcoming book, which makes the allegation, by creating a controversy, he could be trying to build up his late father, the self-promoted Field Marshal Ayub Khan, he could be trying to scuttle the peace process between India and Pakistan, because he has visceral hatred for India, or he could be acting on an ISI plan to hit at General Pervez Musharraf. Anything and everything is possible, including that he is lying, or alternatively telling the truth, but to say that an Indian brigadier won’t sell out is to shut your eyes to reality. But was there a sell-out? By the so-called clues provided by Gohar Ayub, the field narrows to two men who were director of military operations (DMOs) with the rank of brigadier, unlike the DGMO now who is a lieutenant-general, and they are Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw and Major-General (retired) D.K.Palit. The other brigadier DMOs of the rough period upto the 1965 war are no longer alive.

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