Wednesday, June 22, 2005

GLOBAL JIHAD: “I see now you have no liberty

In March, a dozen federal agents raided her home before dawn, seizing her diary, schoolwork, phone book and computer. They took Tashnuba, too--on the pretext that her mother’s immigration papers had expired. For the next two weeks, she was held at a Pennsylvania detention center, where as many as three agents at a time grilled her: about her friends, her notes and essays for school--even the way she decorated her bedroom. “They had their little tactics--start with nice questions, try to get more severe,” Tashnuba told the New York Times. “In the end, when I did cry they were, like, mocking me.” After a public outcry, Tashnuba was finally released after six weeks behind bars--on the condition that her mother agree to “voluntary departure” with her daughter back to Bangladesh. Now, Tashnuba’s father and 14-year-old brother are in hiding in New York City, trying to avoid deportation while the boy finishes school. Tashnuba, her mother, baby brother and little sister are sharing a bed at her grandmother’s cramped apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Tashnuba Hayder is one of hundreds of immigrants rounded up as part of the Bush administration’s “war on terror.” According to the Washington Post, in the past two years alone, officials have filed immigration charges against more than 500 people who have come under scrutiny in national security investigations.

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