Tuesday, June 07, 2005

BANGLADESH: An Open Letter to Professor Muhammad Yunus

You would like to keep the Commission corruption free. I would like congratulating you for this noble intention. However, the reality is such that you would be a helpless swimmer in the ocean of corruption, eventually to drown and die unlamented. Your close associates would call you a stupid and an idiot, “who despite having the opportunity to make a fortune remained honest and died a pauper.” Don’t you know Professor Yunus that the average Bangladeshi rich and powerful, poor and helpless, educated and others believe in the maxim: “Churi bidya baro bidya, jadi na paro dhara” [Stealing is a big art provided you do not get caught red handed]? And they also know that only the pilferers and pick pockets are caught red handed and punished while the big thugs involved in the purchase of civil and military hardware and disbursement of foreign aid and grants as ministers, bureaucrats and NGO-Wallas not only remain unpunished but glorified as patriots and as “the only honest person among his/her peers”. I am surprised at your total indifference to the prevalent culture that glorifies, justifies and legitimises corruption.

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