Sunday, June 26, 2005

BANGLADESH: India , US and Bangladesh Puzzle

US apprehension has been based on several recent arms recoveries in Bangladesh , which it thinks were destined for radical groups. Admiral Fallon said, "There have been several seizures of arms. There were some arms shipments. They were not going to the military, they were not going to any group that is up to do good. I don't think arms are very helpful in agriculture, I don't think arms are helping people to come out of poverty." He added, "We know there are people who preach radicalism, who use religion for their own method. We just want to make sure that we are sharing the right information, so that we can work together and make sure that these organizations do not gain a foothold and use the environment to spread their ideas." But the Bangladesh government did not give much attention to the issue. In fact, its foreign minister tried to use the US concern for extracting goodies for Bangladesh . He asked for things which can strengthen the Bangladesh navy.Similarly, India has also expressed its concern over the issue of illegal immigration and support of Bangladesh to insurgents operating in northeast. Bangladesh has been completely insensitive to India ’s worries. The government says that no illegal immigration is taking from Bangladesh . It has the temerity to say that a few thousand Indians are staying illegally in Bangladesh . Similarly, it also denies the presence of northeast insurgents in its territory, though on a number of occasions Indian insurgents have been shot or killed in factional fighting inside Bangladesh . Some of them have been arrested by Bangladesh police. A prominent insurgent leader in Bangladesh police custody is Anup Chetia.

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