Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ASSESSMENT: Exploitation in Northeastern India

Bangladesh should now ask UN and other international forums to form an international committee, which should also include the Indians to investigate the Indian allegations. Anand Kumar said," The question which now arises is why ULFA is so reluctant to come to the negotiating table." Then Anand Kumar himself answered, "The answer probably lies in the business interests that ULFA has developed in Bangladesh during the course of insurgency in the state." This argument is totally baseless. The main reason of ULFA's reluctance to sit in a negotiating table is very clear and the Indians also know it. Anand Kumar also mentioned it in the outset of his article saying, " To start negotiations, ULFA has kept conditions, which most people know would be difficult for New Delhi to accept. It wants to discuss the issue of sovereignty, which everybody knows cannot be discussed beyond a point",ibid. Why should the Indians blame Bangladesh for their own problem?

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