Wednesday, May 18, 2005

INDIA: Shocking stupidity

Khalida Zia in Bangladesh is equally loathsome, but nobody talks of a regime change. India could not even support its one true friend in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wajed. And how do we justify dealing with General Parvez Musharraf in Pakistan, the architect of the Kargil War, the wrecker of the Agra Summit, and a full partner with China in encircling India in the Indian Ocean and the northwest frontier? Realpolitik dictates that you deal with whoever is in power, so why do we get antsy in respect of Nepal, because it is tiny, and because we believe it is a pushover? Nepal is not a pushover, and it has never been. Hopefully, this plan to abolish the Nepal monarchy is the handiwork of a lunatic fringe in the government, which hopes to rope in the Left and reckless stupid Left ideologues in its enterprise.

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