Tuesday, May 17, 2005

INDIA: Assam forced deportation of Bangladeshi's - 3 Filings

The Mancha's activists are receiving applaud from all over the State and from elsewhere for their path breaking endeavour. Unfortunately, no political party, not even the AGP or the BJP have openly supported their activity, while in private they are all praise for the youths. As for the exodus by suspected illegal Bangladeshis from the city, this is continuing till today, though the volume of traffic has eased. According to reliable sources, about 6,000 doubtful nationals have left the city till this evening. The hunch here is that these people would return, once they have acquired some document or the other to "establish" their "Indian identity" from controversial leaders in the lower Assam districts. This is because anyone suspected to be an illegal Bangladeshi promptly names some lower Assam district as his or her permanent address.

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