Wednesday, May 18, 2005

BANGLADESH: SAARC - Third time lucky?

Unless someone creates conditions of anarchy aimed chiefly at sabotaging the planned summit, probably for the purpose of denying the government from claiming any 'laurel' for successfully organizing the event, there can be no misgivings about security on India's, or any other country's, part. And any such construed acts of lawlessness for a probable spiteful objective misses the point that there are no additional laurels for the host country in a routine rotation of countries for organizing SAARC summits, and that such an act of cutting ones nose to spite ones face only disfigures ones face and brings out the pathetic meanness of ones mindset. New Delhi should not become the focal point of cooked up chaos and anarchy. While the government, ideally, has to preempt any such conspiracies and deal firmly with them if they are set in motion, a determined no-nonsense declaration by India about participating in the summit on the scheduled dates might deter would-be spoilers from engaging in damaging activities.

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