Tuesday, May 17, 2005

ANALYSIS: Rocca’s visit, bilateralism and Bangladesh’s security

The onus, needless to say, falls on the US to dispel any doubts over its commitment to maintain and develop relations with Bangladesh purely from its own perspective and its interests. It still is the sole global superpower and can instill much needed confidence in Bangladesh over its security needs. The very fact that a “situation” was made the defining point for the purported joint Indo-American policy on Bangladesh is a security concern for Dhaka because that situation, the rise of Islamic extremism leading to further dysfunction in the country’s law and order condition, was given an exaggerated colour by Indian propaganda and enthusiastically endorsed by its apologists in Bangladesh. The recent arrest in Barisal of video makers engaged in making a fake film on “minority repression” in Bangladesh for exhibiting initially in France, and possibly later in other countries, is only the latest in a series of similar attempts by the local misinformation spinners at portraying this government as being minority-unfriendly. The combined efforts of the foreign and resident propagandists have potentially placed this country in great peril, a situation that is as unwarranted as it is unfair to its citizens.

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