Monday, May 02, 2005

ANALYSIS: Arms Supplies for Asia's Forgotten Wars

From Hong Kong the consignment was shipped to Singapore where more weapons - mainly from Israel and the US - were added. The shipment was then transported up north through the Malakka Street to be transshipped in the Bay of Bengal to two trawlers which ferried the arms to Chittagong. From there the weaponry was supposed to be smuggled overland, through the impassable borderland between Bangladesh and India, to reach its destination in the conflict area. The Indian security forces seem to be powerless against the international arms dealers whose supplies have been reaching Northeast. However, as the fragile North East is of tremendous strategic importance, the Central Government is doing everything to defend India's territorial integrity. But the price is high. New Delhi has deployed over 40,000 soldiers and para-military forces in the region. And more then 10,000 people have died in the past five decades in the ongoing armed conflict. Not to forget that the operations of the state as well as the non-state are partly shadowed by a massive violation of human rights.

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