Monday, April 04, 2005

STUDY: The Pope's Resistance to the “Unjust War" on Iraq


Following his death, we now see many world leaders -- starting with George W. Bush -- who maliciously attempted to thwart Pope John Paul's antiwar stance, pouring gallons of crocodile tears over the TV cameras. However, this media propaganda cannot overshadow the fact that John Paul II’s last big battle was against the Bush administration's “preemptive war” doctrine. The Pontiff and his closest collaborators resisted an unprecedented assault by the men of the would be new roman emperor on the Potomac and told directly Bush and his minions that their war was an “unjust war.” Needless to say, Pope John Paul II's rejection of America's military agenda contributed immensely to weakening the Pentagon's propaganda campaign. The issue of his succession in the Vatican is, therefore, a matter of paramount importance for Catholics and non-Catholics. Will John Paul's principled stance prevail or will his successor succumb to the political pressures of the Bush administration?..........................More