Sunday, April 03, 2005

PAKISTAN: Musharraf Stuck in a Hole With Skewed Political Priorities

Thanks to military rule, Pakistan is beginning to look like a minor Soviet-style republic, heavily armed and militarized, with a nuclear capability to boot, but for lack of political reform, inwardly hollow. That's why nothing on the political front clicks, why Pakistanis are the world's heaviest investors in cynicism and gloom-and-doom theories. There is nothing much wrong with the people of Pakistan but everything wrong with their environment which, because of militarism and democratic failure, nourishes negativism on a vast scale. A political government would be more sensitive to popular needs and less sure of itself when making patently absurd claims. Of what use better macro-economic indicators and fat foreign exchange reserves when jobs continue to be scarce and inflation reaches back-breaking proportions?.................More