Friday, April 01, 2005

PAKISTAN: Musharraf is America’s trump card in her plan to confront Iran

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Pakistan’s weakness to confront America has more to do with her insincere leadership then the limitation of her strategic assets. If Musharraf had shown one iota of sincerity for Pakistan he could have done many things to prevent America from consolidating its grip over Pakistan. For instance, he could have negotiated economic self-sufficiency in return for providing military assistance. By Pentagon’s own admission Pakistan suffered a $10billion loss as a result of supporting America’s war on Afghanistan. To date, Musharraf has neither asked for this amount to be reimbursed nor demanded that Pakistan’s foreign debt, which stands at $38 billion to be retired. Instead, Musharraf settled for a meagre sum of $3 billion dollars. This amount is to be paid in instalments and is tied to Pakistan forsaking its Islamic ideology in return for adopting western values.........