Saturday, April 30, 2005

NEPAL: The Daring of Revolution - The Shoots of the Future

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In the villages I visited in 1999, there were mainly women, young children, and old men. Most of the men were working in the cities or had been forced underground. I think about how the 12-year-old girls and boys I met in the villages are now young men and women, old enough to join the People’s Liberation Army. What has it been like for them to grow up in a liberated village, in a base area where there is a new people’s power? A new generation in Nepal is being shaped by the People’s War and, in the base areas, the youth are growing up as part of the struggle to create a whole new way of living —seeds of a whole new economic, political, and cultural life are being planted. And the guns of the People’s Liberation Army are protecting these shoots of the future, allowing them to grow and strengthen.

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