Saturday, April 30, 2005

ISLAM: Why The Militant West Fears Islam

Islam provides a comprehensive meaning behind the life in this world. This life is a test and a step towards eternal life in the hereafter. Success and failure depends on how we perform in this life, hence there is meaning and accountability for the actions and behaviour in this life. This in turn provided contentment and stability in society. Despite the disparity in wealth, material comfort and technological know-how with the West, the Muslims are relatively far happier. A research project led by London School of Economics professors showed Bangladesh to be the happiest society in the world, with other poorer countries also exceeding the richer nations of the world. Further evidence of the spiritual discontentment in the West is the increasing dependencies on drugs and anti-depressant to combat depression and suicide that are also constantly on the rise. When there is no ultimate meaning or purpose behind life, the sole focus is on satisfying the carnal instincts. When their carnal instincts are satisfied they get bored and ask what’s next or get depressed until the next fix. The youth in particular release their boredom and depression by other means e.g. drugs, juvenile delinquency etc. The severity of the problem has led to further legislation against anti-social behaviour in societies that has reached the apex of material and technological success.

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