Thursday, April 07, 2005

INDIA: Jihadis score a blast of a hit

Yes, it is true that battling terrorism is an asymmetrical war in which large armies have to be deployed to fight a handful of killers. But in this particular case, it is astonishing that the jihadis were not only able to reach the gates of the allegedly heavily protected complex, but also slip in and launch their attack without being put down. Heads should roll. But that won't happen. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has dismissed this jihadi assault as 'unfortunate.' Home Minister Shivraj Patil is, always, clueless. National Security Adviser M K Narayanan, who now doubles up as super boss of Intelligence Bureau, is busy keeping Madam Sonia Gandhi in good humour. It will be self-defeating to see Wednesday's attack in isolation and pretend that terrorism and separatism are on the wane in Jammu & Kashmir. Statistics show that this far from the truth.....More