Friday, April 01, 2005

BANGLADESH: We live under the constant darkening of the clouds

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The half truths, churned out by the propaganda juggernaut of the AL, continued to sink into the international media and forums, and went deep with Oxford Analytica's prognosis of a failed state, that, according to the dark horse think-tank, calls for three drastic ways out of its current 'governance crisis'. It seemed that the Oxford Analytica appearing out of the blue, the Indian media campaign consistently in step with the AL's denunciations, the burst of reports in the international media, and some fictive accounts in a Bangla language daily (August, 2004) of 'Islamic militancy' and 'arms training' in Chittagong's uplands, stretching to the Myanmar border, were made to click almost all at a time and produce the same strain and orchestration as on a common keyboard: Bangladesh, the next breeding ground for political Islam. India never had it so good..........More