Monday, April 25, 2005

BANGLADESH: The unfolding scheme of things from now till the next polls

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The stark pursuit of the greed and glitz of the lifestyle and pleasure part of globalisation within and without the country by the so-called Young Turks of dubious distinction, on the one hand, and the unabashed acquiescence of the party seniors including ministers, some of whom have their own wards to mind and promote, to a most unorthodox enactment of a succession scheme, on the other, are taking the country for a ride and the people for what they are not to be deaf, dumb and moronic. The country and the people deserve neither the label of a failing state infested by 'Talibans' and 'bin-Ladens', nor the denigration that the Bangladesh electorate is comprised of only idiots or the resultant condescension. It is in the above context and in view of the BNP-AL never-say-die contention for power, prerogative and material accumulation by means fair or foul in Bangladesh's illiberal democracy, that we may attempt to arrive at several prognoses on the unfolding scheme of things from now till the next polls. Unlike some alarmists or sceptics, we, however, grant the government a full term despite the AL crying wolf and the unlikely imponderables of the on-again, off-again AL ultimatums and threatened blitzkriegs. We also dismiss the question marks on the stability of the government that is often said to buckle under the very weight of an unwieldy and hence an unresponsive, unseeing and unheeding parliamentary majority.

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