Friday, April 08, 2005

BANGLADESH : Tip of the iceberg

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As the marriage of convenience of the BNP and the Jamaat has thus come under some strain, the student fronts of the two parties have recently clashed in various educational institutions. But will Khaleda Zia, a consummate player in power politics, want to ditch her alliance with the Jamaat and the Islamist forces? Alternately, will the BNP's old guard, who are doomed to go into oblivion with the rise of Tarique, dare to challenge Khaleda's leadership in the name of restoring Zia's 19-Point Programme? Will Mannan Bhuiyan's formula help the BNP emerge stronger, politically as well as organisationally, with a new political thrust under a unified leadership, or will it lead to further chaos 'even split' in the party?...............More