Friday, April 08, 2005

BANGLADESH: Jamaat sits pretty while AL and BNP appropriate religious symbols and idioms

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Credit is due to Jamaat that rose from the dungeons of a pariah to the mainstream plank of an anti-BNP movement in 1994-96 hand in hand with its principal detractor, the Awami League, and then used the arithmetic of votes in its alliance with the BNP to enter the sanctum of state power in one Great Leap, so to speak. The ex-Soviet comrades in the post-independence troika, representing the Awami League, the Communist Party of Bangladesh and the now-bygone National Awami Party (Muzaffar), had tried the same tactic under what was then an Indo-Soviet axis in an era of superpower contention. While they had served their external masters well, they had little success apart from ending up in what had been Sheikh Mujib's nemesis of one-man, one-party Baksal (Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League) that had 'lighted its way to dusty death' in August, 1975.......More