Tuesday, April 26, 2005

BANGLADESH: Getting down to fundamentals

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Everywhere it is the same old story. Snake-oil salesmen are peddling their pseudo-religiosity and preying on the powerless and manipulating the impressionable in order to consolidate political power. Nothing appeals to a religious person more than an appeal to a higher authority. Nothing beats an endorsement from the Almighty. I cannot think of anything more cynical, more blasphemous, and more irreligious than the shameless manipulations and machinations of the fundamentalist political parties, here as elsewhere. How anyone can find these charlatans posing as men of God persuasive is beyond me. How anyone can believe that the hate-filled campaigns against the Ahmadiyyas and women and minorities are doing God's work astonishes me. How anyone can think that acquiescing in violence and intimidation is the way to build a more Godly society saddens me beyond belief.