Friday, April 08, 2005

BANGLADESH: Fighting over Fencing

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Though India wants to improve its relationship with Bangladesh, it also does not want to compromise on its security. It thinks that its internal security would improve considerably if it is able to fence its border with Bangladesh. This Indian approach was clearly spelt out in the address of Indian President A P J Abdul Kalam to the joint session of parliament marking the start of budget session on February 25, where he had said that security along the country's border with Bangladesh is one of the priorities of the government. He said, "Government has accorded top priority to erection of fence along the Indo-Bangladesh border to check infiltration, smuggling and all anti-India activities from across the border." Bangladesh, on the other hand does not want to see this fencing work being completed. Hence it is misinterpreting a clause in bilateral agreement which is not applicable in this case. This has resulted into a tricky situation on the border........More