Thursday, April 07, 2005

BANGLADESH: FBI investigation and the issue of sovereignty-

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National sovereignty is at stake here in the FBI's participation in the Kibria murder investigation. For good reasons, Asma Kibria would want a satisfactory closure to the issue, but by expressing satisfaction at the FBI?s involvement, at the same time reportedly complimenting the local intelligence team as extremely professional, and then stating that only a full revelation of the findings by the FBI will satisfy her, together introduce a mass of contradictions into the entire investigation, besides making national sovereignty a real issue. Does the government call in the services of a foreign investigation agency every time a major incident takes place in Bangladesh? Granted, there could be the counter-argument that a spate of grave occurrences leading to fatalities have remained unsolved over the last eight years or so, apparently because of lackadaisical local police effort and governmental inertia. But that indicates more of a political dysfunction rather than police inefficiency......