Tuesday, April 05, 2005

BANGLADESH : Armoured car and law enforcement

What type of miscreants are the targets of the armoured cars? Understandably, mass protests or demonstrations are not to be scared into submission or inaction by fearsome display. So where is the threat of dangerously armed assembly of organised criminals that may destabilise our society? Speaking of the sub-continent it is only in Karachi that the police are using armoured vehicles because there the number of unauthorised 'Kalashnikovs' in criminal possession stands at a staggering one hundred thousand, not to speak of other deadly weapons and there are several no-go areas for the police in that city. Do we have a situation even faintly resembling that? If not then why purchase these heavy duty capital machinery at a high price? Into whose hearts the authorities would like to strike fear when the deadly adversary is not seen on ground? Can the police befriend the community or endear itself to the people by the display of the hardware? These are questions that need to be answered..........More