Tuesday, April 26, 2005

ASSESSMENT: Indo - US Military To Military Relations: Who Will Benefit?

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As for R&AW which is ever ready with ‘details’ for the US , and hardly ever for our own Defense Forces we have the following on record from an Intelligence official , after l’affaire Ravinder Singh in May04…. The Hindu reported in a series of articles the failure to issue directions by the National Security Adviser , Brajesh Mishra, while he was in the know and while the file was with him for some days ‘instructions even to prevent the CIA asset to fly out of the country’( He was reportedly under surveillance). Why did Mishra hold back a decision ? Why was Ravinder Singh so important to the Americans is what the Intelligence Adviser in the PMO wants to find out ? The Hindu report dated 20 August 04 under banner headlines “Why was terror intelligence withheld” reports quotes in extenso Indian Intelligence officials as expressing ‘concern over the withholding of terrorism- related information by the United States –information New Delhi believes could be key to saving lives ’Specific instances of non sharing of information gained through interrogations of Al Qaeda operatives like Muhammad Khan , arrested on 13July , with respect to Al Qaeda operatives in India , as this organization shares infrastructure with Pak based terrorist groups operating in India .
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