Tuesday, April 26, 2005

ANALYSIS: In God's Country: The storming of the Bangladeshi Embassy in Kuwait

The actions by the “rioters” was a foolish one at best and can do no good within the tight diplomatic circles of the nations, but it did raise the profile of the on going and ever losing battle the foreign workers face within these boundaries of rich nations. The Bangladeshi government along with the Kuwaiti government needs to create some sort of structure of appeal and action, to sterilize acts of non-payment and misuse of employer’s authority. May be it is time for organizations like ILO and UN to administer certain standards within these countries that fail to protect it’s most vulnerable. The question that were raised in the media were mostly of reactions to the incedent but not not a systematic analysis of the variables that lead to such a drastic action. These workers who have been oppressed, stripped down of their rights and above all have been marginalized by their employing countries so much that any other reaction from the Arab media would have been a pleasant surprise. What was baffling about the whole issue is that the “responsible” Kuwaiti governments complete ineffectiveness to halt these companies who employ, the mostly poor labor from the south Asian continent, to stop abusing their powers.

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