Sunday, March 27, 2005

V-Day Special : Remembering our American friends

It is indeed unfortunate that President Nixon and his National Security Advisor Dr. Henry Kissinger did not view our liberation struggle as our bid to establish our democratic rights. Instead, they had looked at it in the context of East-West rivalry of the Cold War era. Nixon's tilt in favor of Pakistan had completely blinded him. At that time he and his associates were using Islamabad as conduit for establishing diplomatic ties with Beijing, and they were not concerned about the sufferings of the people of Bangladesh. Today, in this era of globalization, there is so much concern for democracy and human rights; and it is sad that our people had to face such atrocities and were subjected to the worst violations of human rights when they had merely asked for the establishment of their democratic rights. Ironically, in 1999, Kissinger had to chair the selection board, and then present, the UNESCO Peace Prize to our former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Paris. He sounded apologetic when he mentioned in his speech that they were "misinformed" about the situation in Bangladesh........More