Sunday, March 27, 2005

STUDY: The ruling class in Bangladesh

The new rulers were not new, either; they belonged to the same middle class which was rising. The new independence opened up for it limitless opportunities of gaining in wealth and power through misappropriation of aid and loan, illegitimate trade and commerce, expropriation of industries and public property, robbing of small savers' deposits in the banks, looking after the interests of the multinationals, and the like. It is because of the misdeeds of the ruling class that the country remains poor. That militant fundamentalism has been rising menacingly is also due to its patronisation -- both direct and indirect. Directly, the rulers have competed with one another in their use of religion politically -- to win votes, and at the same time keep the people forgetful of their worldly miseries. Indirectly too they have been encouraging militant fanaticism to grow by setting up madrashas. That madrasha education has been a breeding ground of the Talibans is now being recognised by its promoters -- both foreign and indigenous -- in Pakistan, much to their own discomfiture...............More