Sunday, March 20, 2005

Religious extremism and freedom of choice

Though some Muslim scholars consider the essentialist construction of the people and the religion of Islam dominant in the western academic orthodoxy as grossly distorted, yet one must also acknowledge that the deviants of Islamic religion immersed in their own grotesque interpretation of pristine Islam do pose serious threat not only to the West but also to Muslims who they consider to have deviated from the "true" path. Time is past for the Muslim world to hold on to tortured nationalism by blaming the West for failing to seize the moment when western technology was on its way to irreversibly change the contours of global civilisation. It is past time for the Islamic world to clean up the Augean Stable, get its act together and unite with the West and others to fight the common enemy -- terrorism. Islamic renaissance is unlikely to emerge from the destructive acts of Osama bin Laden.............More