Tuesday, March 29, 2005

PAKISTAN: Seeds of discord

Mr Bhutto had realized the power and strength of the armed forces when he had described the army as the third major political party of Pakistan. This reality continues to be recognized even today. Ms Benazir Bhutto, who has inherited her father's political acumen, is fully aware of this reality. She knows that if she wants to govern this troubled country, she has to make compromises with the visible and invisible rulers It appears that from day one, our policymakers failed to understand the psychology of the people of the eastern wing. The Bengalis are by nature very emotional people and they love their language and culture. But at the same time they were patriotic Pakistanis and fully supported the cause of Pakistan. It is a matter of historical record that they looked to Pakistan for their salvation. It is common knowledge that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had travelled to New Delhi riding a bicycle to have a glimpse of Mr Jinnah. How could he turn into a rebel?..........More