Sunday, March 27, 2005

Motivated journalism troubling Bangladesh

The latest twist in this whole string of anti-Bangladesh propaganda centring on Dr. Rice's visit to India was the UNB story published in the national dailies on March 22. The story said: "There has been no development of specific initiatives on US-Indo cooperation on issues pertaining to Bangladesh, a spokesperson for the US embassy told UNB, responding to a query about what US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had stated in India about the US-India initiatives to deal with the security situation in Bangladesh." If the story had been done as an admission of serious reporting errors in the past, that would have earned kudos from the adherents of ethical journalism. But the story continued with another round of vitriolic utterances on the state of affairs in Bangladesh: "The US mission in Dhaka, along with counterparts of other donor organisations, are concerned by the deterioration of governance in Bangladeshespecially by political violence and the law and order situation." The spokesperson actually said, "Threats to, and attacks upon the press, the political opposition, cultural institutions, and minority communities are all causes for concern." This is what I would call motivated, partisan, hostile, and unpatriotic journalism.........More