Sunday, March 27, 2005

INDIA: North East in Retrospect

The Pakistani Army could not accept the disgrace of defeat, surrender and loss of power. They, therefore, seized power again after a short period of civilian rule and formulated a strategy of proxy war to try and defeat and balkanise India. They decided to make “India bleed through a thousand cuts” by active support to all dissident movements and through religious fundamentalism and terrorism. They, therefore, converted Pakistan into an Islamic state. They realised that India could not be defeated through conventional war and, therefore, decided to go nuclear with well equipped conventional forces, to deter India from retaliatory strikes. India was also then constrained to go nuclear which annoyed both China and the West. The Bangladesh Army also took control of Bangladesh. Both armies joined hands to try and defeat India and achieve their original ideals. Bangladesh also continued with the pre-partition strategy of the Muslim League, and subsequently of Pakistan, to ensure maximum migration into the North-East and Bengal so that, after demographic change, these areas would secede to Bangladesh. They knew that they could not defeat India conventionally. The strategy was, therefore, to ensure migration, ally with China and Pakistan, fan religious fundamentalism (they therefore also converted into an Islamic state), build up conventional forces for defence and provide maximum support to Indian dissident groups...........More