Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hypothetical Theatrics - Is Bangla Bhai a Sikh terrorist from India?

  • The buzz "Where on earth has Bangla bhai disappeared"?
  • Months before the much publicized crackdown on the jihadist, we were certain that the media who had more a less a fix on this insolent idiot, not only where he is and what he was up to, down to where his camps are located and how many men he has managed to torture and kill, would be enough intelligence to do a quick fix….but a fortnite down the line, here we are and its one big zilch….
  • Check this out, our nameless Bogra correspondent said : "A leader of JMJB, which was banned last week for militancy, hinted that Bangla Bhai may leave for Pakistan today or tomorrow. Asked how Bangla Bhai would leave, the JMJB leader declined to provide any information. Another source said Bangla Bhai may go to Afghanistan if he fails to go to Pakistan"…as if one could just "fly across" to Pakistan or Afghanistan without India never knowing a damn thing?
  • Someone ought to teach this Bogra correspondent a lesson in geography - unless he is blind and has no need for one. Rantburg truly has a fine sense of geography when its says: " Some frontier villagers apprehended that Bangla Bhai might have fled to the neighbouring country. But, police could not confirm such apprehension. The law and order improved in the region, the sources said."…Note the word "frontier" - the closest frontier that Bangla bhai has is INDIA.
  • Not to be outdone another nameless Staff Correspondent from Rajshahi makes an open-and-shut case: "The Rajshahi superintendent of police (SP) misused his power to back Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh (JMJB) and even helped Bangla Bhai to flee, according to a cross section of public accounts, coupled with documentary proof and a special government report."……of course it is always fair to give the SP devil the benefit of the doubt….when he says "Why would I help Bangla Bhai? He is a criminal. You made him the most powerful criminal. So where is he hiding now? It is only you (journalists) who are writing news after news on Bangla Bhai based on pre-physiological concepts". Asked to comment on the special police report, Mia questioned the manner in which it was obtained. "You (journalists) must have supplied the allegations against me."…which brings Dak Bangla back to square one …..Where on earth has Bangla bhai disappeared?............Read more