Friday, March 18, 2005

GLOBAL JIHAD: Profile of Islamic Terrorists

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The extremists are absolutely assured that the existing world is incorrectly arranged, but there is an authentic world - created by Allah. They are assured that USA is not only the simple state, but also embodiment of world evil. It is the Satan appearing as sparkling skyscrapers, advertisements, large corporations, world communications and networks, spreading itself over the entire world as an octopus. Being unique esoteric, they see the designation of their life in fight with the evil and thus to accelerate the approaching of authentic world. Extremists prefer to alter this world as fast as possible to become the chosen race. Fight with the evil and millions of ordinary people, tied by evil, is simply the moment of this titanic work on the reconstruction of reality. Extremists consider themselves to be heroes heroes who accelerate the globe's evolution towards the correct way...............More