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GLOBAL JIHAD: The Freeing Of Humanity And Homelands Under The Banner Of The Qur’an

Here is the complete uncut and uncensored translation of the audio tape issued by Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri on February 11, 2005. In this address titled “The Freeing of Humanity and Homelands under the Banner of the Qur’an”, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri rejects American “freedom” and lays out three principles for restoring strength to the Ummah. This document has been translated to English by JUS, and all rights are reserved. You may circulate it broadly with our copyright and accreditation. We remind our viewers that the statements, opinions and points of view expressed in this article are those of the author and shall not be deemed to mean that they are necessarily those of Jihad Unspun, the publisher, editor, writers, contributors or staff.

The Freeing Of Humanity And Homelands Under The Banner Of The Qur’an

Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri

In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
All praise be unto Allah, we seek His help, His guidance and His forgiveness.
And we seek refuge through Allah from the evils of ourselves and our bad deeds, whoever Allah guides, non can misguide, and whoever He misguides, non can guide.
Oh you who believe, fear Allah as much as He should be feared, and do not die except as Muslims
Oh mankind, fear your Lord, who created you out of one soul, and he created from it its partner, and He spread from them many men and women, and fear Allah, whom you will be asked about, and the wombs, verily Allah is Everwatching over you.

Dear Muslim brothers in all places,

May the peace and blessings of Allah be with you.

America has been attempting for a long time to establish its crusader military presence in the land of Islam. One of the means of establishing this presence is by supporting the Zionist entity and regarding it as the main steppingstone in its crusader war against our Islamic world, therefore the Jewish occupation of Palestine cannot be regarded as a regional issue confined to Palestine, and related to the Palestinians alone. Rather in the scale of Islam, it is an aggression on the house of Islam, as the Muslims are one nation, and their land is that of one country.

In the scale of any neutral analysis it will become clear that the Zionist entity is nothing but the front of the American campaign to control the Islamic East, and it is nothing but part of a massive campaign against the Islamic world, in which the West under America’s leadership has allied with global Zionism.

And with the coming of the current White House administration, the spiteful crusader spirit erupted to its most idiotic peak of support to Israel, and this stupid administration did not expect to face, with Allah’s grace, this tremendous Islamic resistance, due to its pride and arrogance,. That resistance reached its peak with the blessed battles of New York and Washington.

Like a blind bull, America decided to attack Afghanistan, and then its idiocy increased and it attacked Iraq, and then America discovered that sit had sunk with its ears into the biggest predicament it has been exposed to in its history, and its intention of starting a campaign to scare and terrorize Muslims has turned against itself with the steady flow of American blood, and weakening of its economy, and the exposing of their lowly behavior, and their principled hypocrisy - a predicament from which there is no escape except the declaration of America’s total defeat and withdrawal, and the acceptance of the strength of the Muslim Ummah, which is dependant solely on Allah, with all that that holds of catastrophic results for the American empire and their allied rulers in the Islamic world, especially after she has seen the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and the weakening of its reach, after they withdrew defeated out of Afghanistan, after they accepted defeat in an exhausting war which nearly destroyed its resources without achieving any victory, or stretch in the areas of its reach. Rather the opposite happened, in that it left with no return, ten years later, known as the Soviet Union.

Therefore America is trying with all that it has to fight the Muslim Ummah in their beliefs, which represents the biggest threat to America’s arrogant existence, especially since voices have increased inside America saying that there is no hope in defeating what they call “terrorism”, the deceitful name for Jihad, except by changing the beliefs of the Muslims, and their minds, and the military confrontation with America will only lead to more losses for America; it may shake the foundation of the American empire.

But instead of America examining itself and asking for the reason that the Muslims are inflicting these great losses on them, it only increased in arrogance, and it started thinking about how to change the beliefs and thoughts of the Muslims, so that they can accept the American crimes against Islam and the Muslims. From here came the calls that they will free the Muslims from ignorance, fanaticism and suppression, so that they can fly with them into the horizons of freedom, equality and knowledge.

What makes us laugh and cry is that these callers look at us with a naked eye and fanatical and mad thinking. Freedom absolutely does not mean that we remove Israel, and it doesn’t mean that we are equal with Israel in conventional and non-conventional weapons, and it doesn’t mean that we choose Islam as a way of life, and it doesn’t mean that we chase away the crusader American forces from our oil fields, it doesn’t mean that we sell petrol at the price that we choose, nor does it mean that we choose school syllabus of our choice. It does not mean helping our oppressed brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Chechnya, nor does it mean declaring Jihad against America and its crimes, nor does it mean ridding ourselves from America’s agents who control us, with force and forgery, it doesn’t mean choosing with our own freewill, leaders who will strive to free our lands and retrieve our stolen wealth.

Freedom in Americas eyes under no circumstances means any of this, even if we choose it and strive for it with complete will power and free choice, for that in the eyes of America is fanaticism and backwardness, ignorance and rebelliousness against the American authority and the Crusader Jewish oppressor, who rule the sons of man. This ignorance and fanaticism (according to them), must be confronted with force, suppression, forging, occupation, shelling and destruction, and killing tens of thousands of women and children, as a sacrifice on the altar of American freedom.

Freedom in the eyes of the American freedom promoters means a group of things which make us laugh and cry, which covers the approval of Israel’s occupation of our lands, and her daily incursions and expansions at our expense. It means our absolute inability to confront the Zionist entity, it means stopping any resistance against the Zionist entity from our Ummah, it means permitting disengaging moral behavior, the permitting of everything, perverse sexual behavior and making fun of religion, the prophets and manners; it means changing our school syllabus to teach our sons that Israel is oppressed and that it has not yet gotten all its rights from our Ummah, and that our Islam is a group of rigid, fanatical beliefs, which may have been appropriate for times of old, but now have no place in the new American crusader age, it means that we allow our oil and resources into the hands of the bloodsuckers of New York and Washington, and that we submit to the gangs which control our lands so that they may inherit us like real estate through forgery, force and suppression.

It means after all that, that we allow and even be pleased with the America’s bombing of any resistance or semi-resistance that rises in our land against the policies of the champions of freedom, the new crusaders, even if that means the frying of the flesh of our women and children, the destruction of our cities, and the burning of our Qur’ans.

The Highest helper, Allah, the Exalted has guided the Muslim Ummah to vex the American crusader oppressor, and to uncover the reality of the false American power, which has millions of tons of iron and explosives, but does not have the bravery to face death, defend principles, or sacrifice for firm beliefs. How can they have this when they are a people with no principles and no morals, despite all their claims and their lies.

I bear witness in front of Allah that we have tested these American infidels and we have exposed their failure, soldiers more cowardly than cowardice itself, more weak than weakness itself; they rely solely on observations then shelling from afar, and hiring gangs of mercenaries and bandits. Other than that, there is no bravery, no courage, no patience and no steadfastness. In fact, there is no fulfilling of treaties and agreements.

Agreements to them are nothing but a means of deceiving the enemy and lure him; there is no relation between it and honesty, loyalty and honor. The agreement to leave Qunduz, and what followed of the massacre at Jangi fortress and then the killing of over a thousand prisoners in tanks through choking and thirst is the best testament to this.

As the Highest helper, Allah the Exalted has guided us to confront the lying American power, vexing it, and bringing it down to its true size, and to show that its defeat is possible on the hands of the people of Jihad and martyrdom, so must we also confront America in the field of beliefs and principles, to expose their Shirk, sinfulness and hypocrisy.

The freedom we want is not the lowly, filthy American freedom, it is not the freedom of the banks of usury, major corporations, and deceitful media, it is not the freedom of destruction of others for the sake of material interests, it is not the freedom of AIDS, spreading obscenity, and symbol marriages. It is not the freedom of gambling, alcohol and family breakups, it is not the freedom of using women as merchandise to gain customers, sign deals and attract tourists and sell products. It is not the freedom of double standards, and dividing people into robbers and robbed, it is not the freedom of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is not the freedom of selling torture machines, and supporting regimes of force, suppression and might, the friends of America, it is not the freedom of Israel massacring Muslims, destroying Masjid Al-Aqsa and turning Palestine into a Jewish state, it is not the freedom of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, it is not the freedom of carpet bombings, seven ton bombs, cluster bombs and leaf fallers, nor depleted uranium, and the destruction of villages in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is not the freedom of the government of Haliburton and its sister blood suckers. It is not the freedom of monopolization of weapons of mass destruction, developing it and then forbidding it from others. It is not the freedom of monopolizing the vote in the Security Council to the five big nations, four of whom are crusaders.

Our freedom is the freedom of Tawheed, morals, chastity, fairness, and justice. Therefore the reform we wish to apply is based on three principles:

The First Principle: The Ruling Of Sharee’ah

The Sharee’ah brought down by Allah is the Sharee’ah which must be followed. In this matter, no person is able to stand in a position of waviness or oscillation; it is a matter that can only be received very seriously because it doesn’t accept jokes. Either you are a believer in Allah and then you have to abide by His laws, or either you are a disbeliever in Him, and then there is no use in discussing with you the details of His law.

The waviness which western secularism desires to spread, no proper mind which respects itself can accept. Because Allah if he is the Ruler then He has the right to rule; this is obvious and there is no hesitation. If a person believes in Allah then it is not logical to argue with His Lord the details of His laws, or to give himself the right to remove himself from those laws, or to stand in the face of those laws in a position of playful waviness. Rather it is compulsory on the one who believes in Allah to search for Allah’s laws so that He may implement them.

And so it is that if you are a disbeliever in Allah, then logically there is no use in debating with you the details of His laws, rather it is logically compulsory to look into the existence of Allah, as this is the most important matter in existence, rather it is the issue of issues, upon which all other issues are built.

Therefore it is compulsory on the believers in Allah to argue with others this main issue firstly, because running from it is what the secularists want, they who cannot face the truth in this clear matter, the matter of Allah’s existence, and so it is that they turn to their known tricks, striving to reach a middle solution with the believers, far from exposing their impotence in front of the question of Allah’s existence.

The beliefs of Islam do not differentiate between the existence of Allah and recognizing His right in ruling and legislating. This kind of differentiation cannot be made by a serious believer nor a serious atheist. Therefore, among the most important tricks of the secularists in covering up their impotence was to mix freedom and the removal of the right of legislating from Allah and giving it to man; this is a mix which does not conform in the sound mind, rather real freedom is submitting to the sharee’ah which is above greed, enmities and base desires.

And if it is that secular Europe have mixed freedom with removing religion from ruling, because it faced a church which gave itself infallibility and the right to speak on Allah’s behalf, and invented a trinity which no mind can accept, and allied itself with kings and patriarchs, and gave them the right of divine rule, and e sold people stamps of forgiveness, and came between the creation and their Lord, people admitting to them their sins so that they may forgive them, and fought the scientists and scientific research, then what is our sin as no church has stood in our lands, and we have no infallible person except for the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the ruler by us is not infallible, nor cajoled, nor is he legislator nor eternally ruler, whom no person can debate on his views. He is rather a human being whom an allegiance is pledged to, to obey in that which is good, and he is removed if he exceeds his limits.

What is our fault, seeing as there is none amongst us who claims to speak on behalf of Allah and His prophet, peace be upon him, nor anyone who has inherited authority, entrustment or agency, which raises him above wrongdoing, forgives him from criticism, or which gives him the right to legislate and rule and engage in the lives of people and their wealth. What is our fault as there is none amongst us who claims the right of intercession between Allah and His creation? What is our fault, as there is no men of religion amongst us, only scholars, whose words have no infallibility, and they do not claim agency on behalf of a hidden force, rather the truthfulness of their words and its proof-worthiness, is based on the strength of their proof of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

What is our fault, as there is none amongst us who claim the right of forgiving sins, nor the engaging in the wealth of the people without consequence, nor do we sell stamps in exchange for forgiveness. What is our fault, as never did we fight scientists and science, rather we are a nation that honored science and scientists, and our natural sciences like medicine, architecture and astronomy all developed in the arms of the mosque and the school.

What is our fault that we inherit the bitter leftovers, which the West inherited in its struggle against the Church-king alliance? Or is it the blind intellectual following, that followed the military defeat, and which pants blindly behind the West in good and bad, and we inherited from it, that which we have no role in.

Then if we look historically at the difference between the Sharee’ah government and the secular governments, then what do we see, we see that the Sharee’ah government in its weakest state, and in its worst of stages, and its worst states of disintegration and deprivation, it still maintained the unity of the Muslim Ummah with all its different nations and races, and it stopped the crusaders from our lands for a period of five centuries, and it revived the obligation of Jihad, and so it fought the crusaders in their own lands, and it conquered Constantinople, at the time when Andalusia was breaking up from decaying and disintegration under the strikes of the crusaders; it held on to Palestine, and Sultan Abdul-Hameed, in the last moments of the nation, refused to hand over even a hands size of the land of Palestine.

As for the secular governments, they had cooperated with the crusaders in the first world war against the Khilafat, and they accepted the borders of Sikes-Biko, and the division of Sir Percy Cox of the Arabian Peninsula, and they brought in the period of half a century, five major catastrophes on the Muslim Ummah, beginning with the 1948 war and ending with the 2003 invasion of Iraq, they accepted the existence of Israel, and they acknowledged it, they stepped down on most of Palestine for it, and they even signed treaties with it to fight the Mujahideen in Sharm Al-Shaykh, in 1996. They helped laid siege to the land of Iraq and then helped attack it, they helped invade Afghanistan, and they accepted the agent governments which the crusader aggressors put up in Iraq and Afghanistan. They fought Islam and they fought the Jihad against Israel and America, and they spread filth, rottenness, robbery and secularism with fraud, force and military courts.

This is the Islamic Khilafat in its weakest moments and this is the secular governments at the peak of their might, strength and arrogance against our Ummah. Allah says: (The example of the two groups is like the blind and deaf, and the seeing and hearing, are they equal as an example, so don’t you take heed). and (Shall we make the Muslims like the criminals (35) What is wrong with you, how do you judge).

The Second Principle: Freedom Of The Homelands Of Islam

The second principle upon which reform must be built on is a branch of the first principle: The freedom of the homelands of Islam, and freeing it from every occupying robbing thief, as no reform can be pictured to take place while we are under the burden of American and Jewish occupation, no free elections nor independent governments can take place, nor can our honor and dignity be guaranteed while the crusader and Jewish forces are trampling our land, killing whoever they want, and shelling whoever they want, and torturing whoever they want; they divide people into moderates, who have the right of freedom and practicing politics, and terrorists, who must expect nothing but destruction, death and torture.

No reform can take place while our governments are striving to recognize and create ties with Israel so that our economy may be destroyed, in order that they may achieve their personal interests, like the Egyptian government signed the Kwayz agreement with Israel, so that Husni Mubarak and his gang may benefit.

No reform can take place while under the pressure of governments put up by an occupier, with forged elections, under the supervision of the United Nations, under the protection of B-52 bombers, Apache helicopter rockets, seven ton bombs and cluster bombs. No reform can take place, whilst we are impotent, naked in front of Israel’s nuclear arsenal. No reform can take place while our oil is being stolen under the threat of American warships.

The Third Principle: The Freedom Of Humanity

The third principle is also a branch of the first principle, the freedom of humanity. The Ummah must harness its right to choose its ruler, to judge him, to criticize him and to remove him, to harness its right to command what is right and forbid what is evil, the Ummah must confront all types of aggression against the sanctity of people, their freedom and their rights, the Ummah has to confront force, harshness, robbery, forgery, rottenness, inheriting of rule which our rulers practice with the blessings and support of America. The Ummah must harness its right to know about what is happening around it, and reaching the truth, instead of being sold in secret agreements, in exchange for the remaining of a rotten and decaying ruler, and their children in thrones of power.

The Ummah must accept the authority of the Sharee’ah judgement, and that no person has the right to touch the rights of others except with its ruling.

These three principles of reform, and they are: The ruling of the Quran, and the freedom of homelands and humanity, cannot be achieved except with Jihad, and struggle and martyrdom, it will not be achieved except if we remove our enemies from our homeland, except if we secure our rights with the power of Jihad, our enemies will not leave our land with begging and asking, the rotten rulers will not be removed from their thrones of power which they are preparing for their children except through the power of Jihad, and how can they be removed by means other than the power of Jihad, when it is they who have blocked all means of peaceful change, and they rather punished those who attempted it with prison, death, torture and exile. They are the ones who silence every noble voice which confronts their oppression, they forge every election, they have put together an army of people linked to knowledge, who bless their wrongdoings, and who make a crime out of every call to change and reform, and they label every caller to command what is good and forbid what is evil that he is a Khariji, inciting turmoil, but what is turmoil except that which they defend, and who are its heads except those who pay their salaries, and they spread amongst the Ummah the school of thought of the Murji’a.

Ibn Asakir, may Allah have mercy on him, narrated from Al-Nadr bin Shumeil, may Allah have mercy on him, that he said: I entered the company of Al-Ma’moon, and then he asked me: How are you this morning Al-Nadr? So I replied: Well Oh Ameer ul Mu’mineen. So he said: Do you know what Irjaa’ is? I said: Religion that conforms to the desires of kings, through which they seek what they want of the dunya, and it removes from them their religion. He Said: You have told the truth.

And so it is that there is no reform without Jihad, and the truthful honest one, peace be upon him, spoke the truth when he said: (If you leave Jihad, hold onto the tails of cattle, and you… etc, etc: humilation and disgrace will accompany you in your necks, until you repent to Allah)

I swear by Allah whom there is no God but Him, that these crusaders and their helpers are only gaining victories against us because of our weakness, impotence, hesitation, and our holding onto this dying dunya. But if we gain victory over ourselves, and decide to die in honor and not to live in disgrace, and if we decide to sacrifice ourselves, our wealth, our fame, and our comfort in the path of Allah, then we have to defeat them with the will of Allah, and their weakness, destruction and feebleness, will become apparent to us. Allah says: (Those who believe fight in the path of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the path of Taghut (evil), so fight you the friends of Satan, verily the plot of Satan is weak).

So since it has become clear to us that there is no path except the path of Jihad and resistance to purify our lands, and to take our rights by force, after the crusaders and the Jews have blocked all other avenues for peaceful change, we must rush forth in resistance by every means available to us, beginning with education and Da’wah (propagation), inciting, organizing, consultation, gathering of rows of fighters and ending with carrying the weapon, and striking against the enemies of Islam, and then helping Jihad and the Mujahideen with wealth and self.

In this great battle, each one of us has his important and dangerous role, and on his shoulders is a great responsibility, which he will be asked about on the day of judgement. Allah says: (March forth, light and heavy, and struggle with your wealth and your lives in the path of Allah, that is better for you, if only you but knew). And the Most Exalted said: (There is no blame on the weak or ill or who find no resources to spend (in Jihad), if they are sincere and true (in duty) to Allah and His messenger. No ground can there be against the good-doers). And the prophet, peace be upon him said: ((Struggle against the mushrikeen, with your wealth, your souls and your tongues)).

And the prophet, peace be upon him said: (There was never a prophet sent before me, except were with a group of disciples from his nation, and companions who follow his follow his tradition and his command, and then others come after them, who say what they do not do, and they do what they are not commanded to do, so whoever struggles against them with his hand then he is a believer, and whoever struggles against them with his tongue, then he is a believer, and whoever struggles against them with his heart then he is a believer, and there is not even the size of a mustard seed of faith besides that).

In this great battle, the role of the true scholars, and honest propagators, and the intellectuals becomes apparent, in educating the Ummah, and showing them the dangers facing them, and inciting them to resist. Allah says, addressing his prophet, peace be upon him: {So fight in the path of Allah, only holding yourself accountable, and incite the believers, hopefully Allah will stop the might of those who disbelieved and Allah is mightier and more severe}.

The role also becomes apparent in removing the legitimacy of these systems which are far away from the law of Allah, and which are allied with Allah’s enemy and exposing the obscurities of the new Murji’a, the servants of the Sultan, who change the law of Allah for the sake of their salary and their posts.

In this great battle, the role of the generals and soldiers become great, as they are the main component upon which these governments depend on to oppress their people, and in the continuing of their policies which allies itself with the crusaders, and as they are the main means of change in our lands after our Ummah has been taken away from practicing its right in choosing its leaders, judging him and observing his deeds, and here becomes apparent the role of propagation, clarification, and announcements in educating the Ummah, especially the generals and soldiers and the duty imposed on them, and that they need to use their weapons and their abilities to defend Islam, and not to partake in aggression against Muslims, nor repressing them, nor surrounding the Mujahideen and chasing them.

In this great battle, the role of the youth becomes clear, as they are the front of the Mujahideen, who have, with Allah’s permission, spoiled the plans of the crusaders and the Jews in their plots in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Chechnya. It is compulsory on the Muslim youth to spread the battle against the crusaders and Jews on the biggest space possible of land, and to threaten their interests in all places, and to not let them rest or find stability.

In this great battle, the role of money becomes apparent, as it is the nerve of war and its fuel, therefore we should give the Zakat of our wealth to the Mujahideen, and to support the Jihad against the crusaders and the Jews, and we have to avoid with all means possible paying taxes to these agent governments, which uses our money to implement the policies of the crusaders and the Jews.

In this great battle, the role becomes apparent of the teachers, the journalists, the trade union men, the tribal elders, the traders and all walks of the Ummah with no exception.

In this great battle, the role becomes apparent of the people of opinions and position, in gathering the rows of the Ummah under the banner of Jihad in the path of Allah, organizing the resistance, distributing tasks and gathering energies.

In this great battle, it becomes the duty of all of us, individuals, movements and groups to unite and gather for the sake of Jihad against the crusaders, the Jews and their agents who rule our homelands, and to not accept any middle solution with them, or any course which justifies their position. We must all break away from them, discard them, oppose them, and incite in opposing them, and gather the Ummah to wage Jihad against them.

So Oh Muslims! Fight Jihad in the path of Allah! And let our slogan be: The freeing of humanity and homelands under the banner of the Qur’an.

And our final supplication, is that may all praise be unto Allah, Lord of the worlds. And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our master, Muhammad, his family and companions.

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