Thursday, March 17, 2005

FLASH: US, India harmonise regional role:

"There was an expression of interest of working together in Bangladesh," the official said. Asked about US concerns about Bangladesh, the official spoke about the "general deterioration in security" in that country."This is another area where we think the stability-level of the region has deteriorated," he said. The official was referring to the spiralling violence and the growing assertiveness by fundamentalist groups in that country and the way Dhaka has reacted to these concerns in the international community. Eminent security and defence analyst K. Subrahmanyam said the US interest in Bangladesh is a "good thing" for India and noted that New Delhi has been complaining that Dhaka had been allowing various militant groups to operate against India from its territory. "If the Americans are interested in putting pressure on the Bangladesh government in a bid to discourage terrorism and fundamentalism in that country that is a move we should support," Subrahmanyam told IANS. He noted that there had also been independent reports that Al Qaeda activists had become active in Bangladesh...........More