Monday, March 21, 2005

BOOK REVIEW: The Final Settlement

It is recommended that readers should go through this article at least twice, preferably three times, so that they grasp the depth and insight of its analysis, proposals and recommendations, before starting an educated and informed discussion.
The crafting of the final settlement requires honest, though bitter analysis of the psychology and ground realities of the two countries. The conflict between India and Pakistan currently extends to the entire South Asian region, from Afghanistan to Bangladesh. It also engages sections of population in far-flung parts of the two countries. It is reflected in the strife in India’s north-east and Pakistan’s Balochistan. India accuses Pakistan of using Bangladesh as a platform to destabilize India’s eastern sector. Pakistan accuses India of using Afghanistan as a platform to subvert Pakistan’s western half. Of this widespread conflict, the Jammu & Kashmir component is known internationally. The Jammu & Kashmir issue itself has several dimensions. To India, it is a test of secularism. To Pakistan, it is a source of strategically important rivers. To the people of Jammu & Kashmir, it is a matter of living in peace with dignity.............More