Wednesday, March 30, 2005

BANGLADESH: RAB - The good, bad and ugly

RAB, a year ago, was constituted as a hybrid force with personnel drawn from the army, navy, airforce, police, BDR and later coast guard. Members of the police force were also there. As was reported in the news dailies, there were initial confusion about the command and control of the force and the role of police. It is not known whether this has since been solved. Bringing RAB under the jurisdiction of armed police battalion virtually meant that members of RAB would be controlled and guided by the relevant law as it relates to the armed police battalion. However, this is not very clear. This is because the members of RAB are drawn from dissimilar sources of recruitment such as the army, navy, the airforce, Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), coast guard, and the police. Each has its own law as it relates to discipline and punishment. How this problem is dealt with remains as yet unknown.............More