Saturday, March 19, 2005

BANGLADESH: Govt reacts to sermons and suggestions by Western diplomats

The sudden harsh governmental reaction against such diplomatic interference might have taken most people by surprise. Knowledgeable circles suggest that the government leaders, no doubt, were in a dilemma for a while, but a series of quite derogatory statements made by the EU Ambassador pushed them rather hard towards such a decision. The latest interview of the German Ambassador by a news agency last week, in which he offered to hold a dialogue on his country's behalf to make the next parliamentary polls 'free and fair', did not help the cause at all. Rather it tipped scale. Analysts say that any Ambassador wanting to offer any help to the government on behalf of his government should talk to the proper quarter. In this case, it should have been either the foreign or the concerned ministry. He should not have given an interview to a news agency to discuss what he was going to do without first talking to the government. It is not a question of clearing the issue with the government, it concerns the diplomatic norms and practices, which should not be ignored. After all, he is accredited to the government of this country on behalf of the government of his country............More