Saturday, March 19, 2005

BANGLADESH : The Cat is finally out of the bag!

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The '90s witnessed a tremendous rise of communal forces in neigbouring India and with the Babri Masjid episode taking the lead, the religious sentiments of an average muslim all over the sub-continent was also affected to a large extent. That was indeed the period when the dormant communal forces in Bangladesh swiftly re-grouped behind the facade of 'defending Islam' but actually with a definite motive to find a political ladder by virtue of which they could quickly reach the citadel of power and spread their message more effectively. Madrasas sprang up almost overnight all over the country like mushrooms and no one knew exactly as to where from the huge funds came in regularly for their sustenance. Not that the sight of madrasahs was something new for us, but their swelling numbers in dozens baffled many of us beyond imagination. Still our progressive leaders found everything quite innocuous..............More