Monday, February 28, 2005

NEPAL: People's War Update [4 Emails from RED RPG]

Translation from the Krishna Sen News Agency

01. War News- Ambush in Bardiya, Arms seized

Kathmandu, Feb 24/ Two security personnel of old regime have been killed on the spot and some other injured in the commando Ambush of PLA in Gulariya of Bardiya district on Feb 23. PLA fighters haveseized 2 3-0-3 rifles and 160 pieces of M-16 rifle's bullets.

In addition there are information that some Royal Armies have been in killed in the exchange of firing between themselves after disputes. On Feb 22nd 4 Royal mercenaries have been killed in similar incident inBirendranagar, the headquarter of Surkhet district.

Area Police Post Captured by PLA

Janakpur, Feb 22/ A troop of sixth Brigade of People's Liberation Army has captured an Area Police Post in Mahendranagar of Dhanusa district on Feb 19th February. After a short clash between the PLA's troop and police, the PLA captured the police post and seized all the weapons.
Two policemen were killed and 5 other in The PLA source has said that only 3 PLA fighters were injured in the attack.

02. Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Central Committee Press Release
(February 23, 2005 )

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central committee
Press Release

The continuous attempts of barbaric acts e.g. murder, burning, mugging of the villages by army and government in the western countryside of Kapilvastu has proven that the conspiracy by the 'king' Gyanendra clique on February 1st was designed to plunge autocracy and degenerate the country into the uncertain darkness.

Since few days, the police, government's gangstars, financial and social criminals, criminals recognized by the new regime, in the command of royal murders are active in burning and mugging the innocent countryside, west of Badganga of Kapilvastu. To date, they have murdered 4 cadres of our party and 20 civilians, burnt 800 houses and mugged 300 houses. By these incidents, the villages along with Kharhariya, Bhagwanpur, Shibagadi, Pathryaya, Duligunj etc are highly affected. Our party very ferociously condemns these kinds of medieval, stupidity and Nazi types of fascist barbarity. Our party also promises to retaliate from the side of people against these kinds of cowardice acts performed on the absence of People's Liberation Army. As well as we specially urge to all the national and international Human Right Organizations and Media Personnel to publicize the truth and fact withfair investigation.

February 23, 2005

Krishna Bahadur Mahara
C.P.N. (Maoist)
Central Committee

03. 17 Royal Mercenaries killed in a Confrontational Battle

Kathmandu, Feb 26/ 17 royal mercenaries have been killed and dozen injured in a confrontational battle occurred in Kailali (Far-western part of Nepal), yesterday. The western division office of People'sLiberation Army has verified the incident.

According to the division office, the PLA has seized huge amount of arms and ammunitions from the skirmish. It has said that 1 M-16 rifle, 1 SLR rifle, 18 bags of royal army, 7 thousand pieces of M-16 rifle bullets have been seized. The division office has also assumed that six PLA fighters have been sacrificed including Company Commander Prabal. The other sacrificed fighters are Deepak, Prasant, Ranjel,Anam and Dharti. .

Likewise the PLA fighters have destroyed the western regional transmission station of old-state run Nepal Television on 24th February. The PLA fighters after seizing the significant equipments
burnt down the station and destroyed the tower. The western regional transmission has been halted.

04. Maoist Withdrew Indefinite Blockade and Traffic-Strike

Kathmandu, Feb 26/ Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has withdrawn the nationwide indefinite blockade and traffic-strike. CPN (Maoist) had called for a nationwide indefinite blockade and traffic-strike from 12th of February against the royal despotism imposed by the royal coup on 1st February.

Issuing a press release today Comrade Prachanda, chairman of the party and supreme commander of People's Liberation Army has said that the party has withdrawn the nationwide indefinite blockade and traffic-strike started from 12th February is withdrawn to forward a new form of struggle against the royal despotism. He has said that military resistance and massive mass-mobilization would mainly be the new form of struggle. Com. Prachanda has also elucidated that the party would be compelled to go on an indefinite general Strike (Nepal-Bandh) from the next month if the country will not get an advance political solution from these military revenge and mass-mobilization.