Monday, February 07, 2005

INDIA: Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) 07FEB [2 NEWS CLIPPINGS]


01. India planning to expand intelligence against Pakistan
02. Mole spills info on Dawood's new look


01. India planning to expand intelligence against Pakistan

NEW DELHI: India is planning to expand sphere of its premier intelligence agency, the Intelligence Bureau (IB), to its neighbours, especially Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

The IB has been only dealing with internal intelligence while the external turf was reserved for the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

The new National Security Adviser (NSA), MK Narayanan, who himself headed the IB, is supposed to have sent the proposal to the government for approval.

He along with another former IB chief, KP Singh, had mooted this proposal. Speaking at a seminar, Singh justified an expanded role for the IB, saying that agency was in the forefront of dealing with intelligence in the border states like Jammu and Kashmir.

Most militant outfits operate from across the border and the IB had to depend on inputs from either the External Affairs Ministry or RAW. Singh said this impeded the agency’s output.

In case the IB could be given an enlarged area of operation, then it should be merged with RAW, Singh suggested.

The IB was inherited from the Imperial Intelligence Bureau, popularly known as Central Intelligence Bureau. But later in the 60s, RAW was created to gather intelligence from other countries.

The RAW chief has been given powers of a full secretary. According to former IB deputy chief Maloy Krishna Dhar whose book “Open Secrets” has created a storm these days, “There are serious gaps of communication between the IB and RAW and even between the State Police and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).” He said such the gap had become apparent during security operations in Punjab, Kashmir, Assam and against Pakistan. “The most glaring example of total intelligence failure was that of Kargil episode.

RAW, the Military Intelligence and to a lesser extent the IB had failed to unearth the Pakistani design and there was no coordination of intelligence inputs available.

” Narayanan is also preparing a report on restructuring RAW. It will include the issue of expanding its cadre strength and also beefing up of its counter-intelligence wing.

It has been necessitated in view of the defection of a senior RAW official to the US. He was found to have been working for the American CIA (Central Investigation Agency).


02. Mole spills info on Dawood's new look
S Hussain Zaidi

Dawood no longer sports his famous moustache and has a receding hairline, according to the mole’s dossier, sent to the Research and Analysis Wing

One of the 20 Mumbai serial blasts accused holed up in Pakistan with Dawood Ibrahim has turned into a mole for India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

He has provided India with never-before-known details about Dawood’s life in Karachi, his family members’ activities and the tight security cover provided to him.

In his dossier sent to RAW’s New Delhi office last month and now available with Mid Day, the “mole” describes the minutest details about Dawood’s appearance, his meetings with Indian filmstars and businessmen and the Pakistani power elite, his son Moin’s ambitions of studying abroad, and his favourite investment destinations in Pakistan.

The details are a shot in the arm for Indian authorities, who had been starving for credible information on the fugitive gangster ever since he moved to Karachi from Dubai in 1994.

This flow of information, Indian intelligence agencies feel, could help build a stronger case for Dawood’s extradition in the face of constant denials from Pakistan that he is staying there.

The dossier says Dawood no longer sports the trademark thick moustache that earned him the nickname ‘Muchchad’.

Also, he has two signs of advancing age: a receding hairline and a paunch, but is still very fit and works out regularly in the gym in his bungalow Moin Palace (named after his son) in the defence area of Clifton, Karachi.

However, some things about the don have not changed — such as his fetish for dark glasses and expensive cigarettes.

Over two dozen jawans of the Pakistan Rangers, the elite commando unit of Pakistan’s military police wing, guard Dawood’s bungalow round the clock, the mole has reported.

The Rangers escort Dawood’s convoy whenever he travels and provide heavy cover for his three daughters Mahrooq (21), Mahreen (19) and Mazia (8) and son Moin (17).

The level of security is greater than that given to VIPs in India under the Z-plus category.

According to the latest information, the two elder daughters have been attending the Quaed-Azam College in Karachi, while the son has finished his schooling in an American institution in the city.

Moin wanted to go to Switzerland for further studies but was dissuaded by Dawood from leaving Pakistan, the source says.

Dawood owns two guesthouses in Karachi, the source reports. These are primarily used for meetings with Indian film personalities and businessmen who approach him to settle business disputes.

Occasionally, sheikhs from Dubai stay at these guesthouses as Dawood’s guests.

The dossier also records Dawood’s links with top Pakistani cricketers, industrialists, politicians and military officials, and Dawood’s heavy investments in Lahore and Islamabad, two places he likes to visit.

The mole has even provided feedback on Dawood’s brothers. One of them, Humayun, is apparently currently undergoing treatment at a detox centre, while Noora, a poet, has developed cardiac complications.